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The popularity of the executive SUV Mercedes-Benz G-class Gelandewagen is constantly growing. It is difficult to remain indifferent to such a subtle combination of power and grace. Initially, this car was produced for military purposes, hence its powerful appearance. In the future, the design acquired a touch of grace and it turned out what we have at the moment.

This line of SUVs has been produced since 1989. And to this day he came, not having received significant external changes. It will not be easy for a sophisticated person to visually distinguish an old model from a newer one. But this only applies to the body. Otherwise, he has undergone tremendous changes. Almost all of the technical components were replaced, the interior was restyled.

Gelendvagen first appeared in 1979, and designated itself as a purely military vehicle. Land transport of high cross. But after 10 years, it was decided to put it into mass, civil production, and gradually turn it into a public SUV. For this, certain cosmetic changes were made, which from time to time are carried out by manufacturers to this day.

Today, the Gelandewagen is a legendary, powerful, unshakable SUV. Its some details that were created many years ago still invariably fulfill their function. Components that for generations have determined the unique character of a car It is constantly being improved, its dynamics and comfort reach a qualitatively new level, giving driving pleasure that has long been familiar to G-Class drivers both on impassable roads and on ordinary roads.