Mercedes-Benz Truck Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Today, the company produces the most popular business-class cars, as well as trucks designed for the transportation of any materials over the longest distances. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has always been considered a role model. Currently, the world is striving to keep up with the level of development of the special-purpose vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Due to design solutions, the developers of the concern have optimized the carrying capacity and reduced the mass of the car itself. This was achieved, first of all, thanks to a special air suspension with 2 air springs, as well as new shock absorbers and a lightweight gearbox.

Low fuel consumption in Mercedes trucks was made possible thanks to a “smart” electronic engine management system. Undoubtedly, one cannot but mention the Euro-5 standard and SCR diesel technology.

Mercedes-Benz Truck model designation

You can also highlight the following advantages of Mercedes-Benz Trucks:

  • Impeccable German quality in all manifestations;
  • Profitability. Large service intervals, the durability of all components and assemblies, low fuel consumption, increased load capacity, excellent performance in terms of cost and technical characteristics;
  • The highest level of comfort and driving pleasure;
  • Samples of ergonomics and many practical and useful details.
  • Cost-effective and reliable BlueTec Euro 5 engines, setting new standards for powertrains;
  • First-class security lighting;
  • Huge selection of additional options;
  • Superb and ultra-modern design that impresses not only the required drivers;
  • High level of service, a wide network of service stations and services;
  • Many companies have greatly facilitated their activities if they decide to purchase trucks. You can quickly forget about the problems with the carriers.

Mercedes Benz Axor and Actros trucks easily overcome extreme ambient temperatures. Trucks remain impeccably reliable in everyday use, confirming once again the German invariable quality.

Mercedes Mercedes Aktros - Reliability and pleasure from work.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Many freight vehicles are designed for international long-distance transportation. For example, air suspension seats, shaving mirrors and towel-rail. Mercedes Actros is available in various designs: with 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 wheel configurations, with various types of cabs (extended cab - L and Megaspace cab), with engines providing power and many additional options.

The main advantages of trucks are exceptional reliability, efficiency, safety samples, a high level of comfort. The total mass of the road train reached 40 tons. Depending on the modification, the actual weight of the Actros truck ranges from 18 to 26 tons. BlueTec allowed to increase the interval of interservice mileage up to 150 thousand kilometers.

Mercedes Axor - Low weight at maximum useful weight.

Mercedes-Benz Axor One of the most interesting offers of the German manufacturer of automotive equipment for commercial companies is a truck truck.

Lightweight, economical, reliable - these are the main features that make the Mercedes-Benz Axor impressive in everyday use. Minimum unladen weight with high payload, long service intervals of up to 120,000 km, 6-cylinder power plants, and the Euro 5 environmental standard are far from a complete list of what lowers your transportation costs.

The use of such methods can reduce the cost of using trucks for everyday commercial purposes.

New Axor is a technologically advanced and modern truck. To provide a higher level of security and reduce risk, many auxiliary control systems and dynamics are offered to customers.

The Mercedes Axor already has air suspension and two air springs that demonstrate excellent dynamics, minimal load fluctuations and extremely stable movement.

Mercedes Atego

Mercedes Atego makes the best impression both at first glance and after many thousands of kilometers. The reason for this lies in its strengths, which include, for example, high quality, reliability, durable construction, comfort, efficient and environmentally friendly drive technology and ease of installation of the body. All of them demonstrate the special value of Atego vehicles and make them leaders in the field of delivery.

The ideally designed ergonomic and comfortable driver's workplace creates excellent prerequisites for the efficient execution of work in the field of delivery transport from 6.5 to 16 tons. This is also facilitated by powerful Euro VI engines, Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gear shifting system and reliable driving performance.

Overview of the benefits.

  • Cost-effective, reliable 4- and 6-cylinder high-torque in-line engines at low speeds
  • Two classes of working volume, seven power options - from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp)
  • Powerful engine brake, High Performance Engine Brake on request
  • Various options for a 6-, 8- and 9-speed gearbox for a transmission configuration optimized for the vehicle
  • Automatic transmission Mercedes PowerShift 3 with driving modes economy or power, as well as purposefully connected driving modes and additional functions

Atego trucks equipped with numerous specialized components are significantly facilitating working days in the field of delivery.

Atego has excellent driving performance. The basis for this is a well-coordinated tandem of the system of directional stability, cab suspension, steering, rear axle control technology and car suspension.

Overview of the benefits.

  • High driving comfort, high level of ease of installation
  • Stability Program
  • 4-point cab suspension
  • Improved steering with optimized rear axle control technology
  • Sharp, responsive, precise steering for high directional stability and reduce the need for steering angle adjustment
  • Suspension options tailored to specific operating conditions to ensure high driving comfort and gentle cargo transportation
  • Excellent body installation and integration capabilities
  • Cost-effective factory preset solutions

Atego does not deceive your expectations: in terms of conditions for efficient operation, driving performance and increased ease of installation of the body. In a word, everything that you need and what you don’t want to give up after your first trip.