Mercedes-Benz Unimog Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Unimog - short for Universalmotorgerät means "universal transport device". Mercedes benz unimog Trucks are designed for special use with this equipment and for the transport of people and goods in extreme conditions.

The first Unimog was developed immediately after the Second World War, also in 1945, for use in agriculture. The car was developed with a constant full drive, with wheels of the same size, so as to get by at a high speed, in addition to the speed. In 1949 they began to be produced serially, and since 1951, the Daimler-Benz concern bought the right to graduate.

At present, under the brand Unimog, there are three types of vehicles:

  • The heavy 4Z7 series (i.e. Hochgeländegängig, abbreviated UHN) includes models U 4000 and U 5000, which are designated for cross-country driving;
  • Middle series 405 (i.e. Geräteträger, UGN) includes models U З00, U 400 and U 500, intended for use with a well-equipped equipment;
  • Light model U 20 (from 2008; only for countries with left-hand movement), based on a shortened base on the U Z00 with a light truck (lightweight).

"Unimogs" have a high clearance and a flexible frame, which is a part of the pendant, therefore it is not intended for the transportation of a large load of a load, the load is cut off. To the pluses of this family of trucks, it is possible to also include additional bridges.

Today, the trucks of this brand are distinguished by the unsurpassed features of profitability, reliability and economic efficiency. Conventionally non-efficient assembly quality, high performance, environmental friendliness and driver's comfort are not affected by this.

Features of the design ensure excellent all-round quality of these trucks. So, to overcome the angle of elevation of 45 ° or the ford depth of 1.2 m for cars of this category - not a problem. The possibility of installing a variety of different types of equipment, a wide range of climatic conditions, and a wide range of climatic conditions.

On the basis of the Unimog line, a military, communal, agricultural and building specialty is issued, as well as locomotives that are suitable for traffic, as well.

German Unimogi can be seen everywhere:

  • Military vehicles (for example, from Unimog, I also created a Dingo armored vehicle)
  • Snapshots
  • Communal transport
  • Agriculture
  • Construction equipment (cranes, drills, working bumps, manipulators, platforms)
  • Locomotives (cars equipped with rail guides for driving on rails)
  • Open and racing instances (truck racing and Dakar rally)