Mercedes-Benz MB Trac Online Spare Parts Catalogue

In 1972, at the DLG international agricultural exhibition in the German city of Hanover, the Daimler-Benz concern introduced to the general public a new universal tractor Mercedes MB Trac 65/70.

It was a classic tractor integrated design, the development of which began in 1967.

The conceptual technical basis for the new MB Trac 65/70 tractor was the universal multifunctional Unimog 406 and 421 series manufactured by the concern since 1966.

Four-wheel drive tractor (4x4) with locking of both drive axles had a comfortable cab mounted in the middle of the base frame, which provided excellent visibility and facilitated the work of the operator with both rear and front mounted equipment.

Many components and components of the new MB Trac 65/70 tractor have been unified with Unimog machines, including the frame, engine, front and rear drive axles.

Mercedes-Benz MB Trac model designation

A tractor OM-314 water-cooled diesel four-cylinder engine OM-314 was installed on the MB Trac 65/70 tractor. The engine was aggregated with a manual gearbox, which has eight speeds forward and eight speeds backward (an optional 14-speed gearbox was installed). The 3.8-liter engine had a rated power of 70 horsepower and a maximum torque of 216 Nm. The maximum speed of the tractor was 40 km / h.

The MB Trac 65/70 tractor had a powerful hydraulic system, two power take-off shafts and a classic three-point rear linkage.

The curb weight of the tractor was 3.3 tons.

Various agricultural equipment was installed on the rear of the tractor frame, as well as a tipper body (in the communal version).

The universal wheel tractor MB Trac 65/70 was mass-produced at the factory in the city of Gaggenau from 1973 to 1975 (a total of 2700 tractors of this model were produced).

In 1976, it was replaced by more powerful models of tractors Mercedes MB Trac (power up to 160 horsepower).